Wednesday, October 14, 2009

New Halloween Set ~Lysander~

~Fantasy and Industry meet in this steampunk set.~

Long leather strapped vest with high collar & incised runes & swirls across the back.
3 top options. The vEst alone, untucked shirt with vEst, or tucked in shirt with vest.
Two colors of pants.
Belt with gear accents and a secret pouch of fairy dust.

Includes matching hair, also called Lysander, a men's short hair with bangs that have been brushed back by a set of matching steampunk goggles. Goggles are included in each hair pack as well as in the matching costume sets.

Beautiful mechanical wings. Designed by Hyasynth Tiramisu and brought to life by her partner Jessica Ornitz. Who did a lovely job with all those tiny fiddley prims! (and making a vague drawing into a piece of art!)

Available in four colors
in Men's and Women's versions.

Men's sets include Dragonfly style wings.
Women's Quad winged Butterfly style wings.

See ads for variations in the color sets!

Both available at both Calico Ingmann Creations & SilentSparrow

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