Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Hunt

CiC Third Annual Halloween Hunt!

Where: Calico Ingmann Creations Main Shop

Starting October 24th and ending October31st at midnight.

Its that time of year again, and all the halloween hair colors are back, each hidden inside special jack-o-latern pumpkins. If you missed the hunt from the previous years, I have included all the old styles from the former hunts with five new for this year. Ello Poppet is joining the hunt as well, featuring five new ghostly skins that have also been hidden in pumpkins around the shop.

So what should you look for? Hidden around the shop are special jack-o-latern pumpkins. They will look like the pumpkin on the poster.

You will find them all on the island with my main shop on the SIM. Look inside, outside, in the trees. Just a hint, they will not be around the old shop remains or the lighthouse, they are all near to the shops.

Please don't ask me or Tala where they are, its a hunt! I won't tell anyway! ;)

Now onto the hidden goodies!

Ello Poppet Ghost Skins (Hidden in 5 pumpkins):

(CiC) Halloween Hair Colors (Hidden in 21 Pumpkins)

New Hair and Color updates

Two new female hairstyles and some color updates have been added to the shop this week. The new hair, called Carlie and Mia, are both long straight flexi styles. Along with the new styles I have reworked six of my older styles into the new color line, including both men and womens hair. The old colors are still available on the display as well, in a new pack called Old Color line that includes all colors from the previous color line. Many more will be updated over in time. You can find all of these available at my Main Shop.

New Hair:


Saturday, October 09, 2010

Three New Female Styles

Three new hairstyles released this week! Since its the start of October, I'm working on more themed styles this month. The first three are for the ladies. The first is Armenia, a dark gothic style with full long flowing curls and highlights in the front. The next two are Eleanor 1 and Eleanor 2, a medieval inspired style with long curls and a braid that wraps about the top of the head that is scripted for highlights. It comes in two lengths, one long and one short. Both are available at the main shop in all colors and include the highlight and low lag resizer scripts.

Also, the shop has moved! Its still on the same SIM, Calico Kitty, but just on the other side. Be sure to check it out!

New Releases: