Friday, February 25, 2011

Four New Womens Styles

I have just put out four new styles in the shop. All are for the ladies, including two new long hair styles called Summer and Angel, one ponytail named Kara, and a side swept braid with texture change poinsettias named Paige. Angel and Kara both have the color change streak options, and all styles can be found in the main shop in all my new colors.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Four New Styles and Display Update

Hey all! Been working on some new styles, along with a few changes in the shop. First of, Ive started using a new low prim display for my hair, this one is scripted, so buying from it will be a little different than normal. To purchase a hair, left click on the image of the pack you want to buy, then wait for the box to rez and buy from the rezzed box. This only applies to my newer displays, the old ones are still the same.

Four new styles have also been released this week for the ladies, including two new long curly styles, called Talia and Tamra, a ponytail named Jillian, and a short curly style named Maggie. All are available in the main shop right now in all my new colors. Talia, Tamra and Maggie all include two versions of the hair, one with the highlight script and one without for those who don't want the extra scripts. Both versions still include the low lag resizers.

If you have any issues with the new displays or see any mistakes, please contact me through notecard so I can fix them!

New Styles: