Friday, October 23, 2009

More Halloweeny goodness!

Forgot to post the last update, so this will be a double update!

First up!
CiC, Silentsparrow's & Schadenfruede Halloween collaboration

~A homage to a certain spooky godmother.~
The costume by Miss Hyasynth Tiramisu of Silentsparrow and Miss Allegory Malaprop of Schadenfruede, with hair by me of course!
In whimsical witchy wonderfulness.

A cute black dress with plunging neck line, & flared sleeves with spiraly accented cuffs & Bat wing accents. REALLY SUPER FANTASTIC crooked witch hat. Miniature purple bat wings. Vibrant green/purple striped tights. 2 skirts.

The Jill hair is really really sweet curly messy low pigtails. And is made the fit perfectly under the hat!

~Blood Tart and Tori~
~Another Big Halloween Collaboration!~

Featuring a Minxy Vampire set in Lace and Velvet by the lovely Hyasynth Tiramisu. Matching this, I have made a sexy new style called Tori with cascading ringlets and v-shaped bangs. The skins in the ads are also part of the collaboration by Selos Dae of Trap, but not done yet! They will be put up as soon as they are. These things where made @ the request of Surrealia of Ana_mations to compliment her new Blood Doll poses!

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