Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Posh Pirates Treasure chest!

Ahoy me Hearties! Join us for a swashbucklin’ good time during the Posh Pirate’s Treasure Quest. Come plunder with style! Over L$5000 in booty to be claimed (read on for details)!

Treasure Quest:

Wed, May 30 at 5pm SL - Thurs, May 31 at 4pm SL
We’ll begin the quest at 5pm sharp aboard a beautiful pirate ship in the Calico Kitty SIM. Detailed instructions and clues will be handed out then. People can join the quest anytime. After the start, details will be placed in placards within the three stores.

Locations: Calico Kitty, Simone, and Silent Sparrow

Pirate Wrap Party:

Thurs, May 31 5pm-6:30pm SL
We’ll award the Grand Spoils from the Quest, do the drawing and award the Runner-up Rum, play Walk-the-Plank trivia, and more! More prizes to win, and door prizes for everyone! Enjoy a bounty of pirate food and drink! Come share your tales of the hunt and have a wonderful time! We even have a Kiss-a-Pirate Booth, with proceeds going to the Virtual Angels. (We have both gorgeous males and lovely female pirates to choose from!)

Location: Simone

Quest Prizes:

Grand Spoils: A treasure chest with a $1000 gift certificate for EACH sponsoring store. (Simone! Design, Calico Creations, and Silent Sparrow. Total gift certificates: $3000.) This booty goes to the first pirate to find all the missing treasure and turn it over to the Captain. If all the treasure is not found by the 4pm deadline, the person who first turned in the greatest number of treasure will win the loot!

Runner up Rum: A keg of rum with a $250 gift certificate for each sponsoring store. (Total $750 gift certificates), as well as some more beautiful baubles. This trove of treasure will be awarded via random drawing at the Pirate Wrap Bash! Every piece of treasure you turn in before the 4pm deadline will give you another chance to steal this booty.

Bonus Loot: A bonus Treasure Chest with a $1000 gift certificate. Lurking somewhere along the way a bonus treasure chest awaits your discovery. Click and buy for 0L to gather ye spoils!

Please join the “The Posh Pirate’s Treasure Quest” group and wear the tag “Treasure Hunter” while hunting. You need to be in this group to receive hunt updates, such as when the Grand Spoils and Bonus Loot is found, additional clues, and reminders. Joining the group and joining the quest is free!

Generously Sponsored by:

Calico Creations
Silent Sparrow


If you have questions at any time, you can IM one of the friendly crew:

Kahn Qunhua
Adrienne Arliss
SerenityVal Alcott
Merceds Auer
Aelix Sullivan

Friday, May 25, 2007

New Womens Hair - Jojo and Laura II

Been a busy week, but I did manage to get a couple styles done. Both are for the ladies, one is a shorter style with some decorative beads called Jojo, and the other is a remake of the old Laura hair. Both are in the main shop, available in all colors!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bandana Hair!

This week I decided to do something a little different and made some hair with bandana's. Two of them are for the women, offering a straight and curly style. They are named Lana and Jennifer. I also made one for the men named Jared, with has straight, shoulderlength hair. The bandana's are colorable and the styles are available in all 80 colors in my main shop in Calico Kitty.

Friday, May 11, 2007

New Mens Hair - Robert

New hair for the men, Robert. Its a flexi, straight style that hangs just above the shoulders with bangs that are swept just over one eye. Available in all colors at my main location in Calico Kitty.

Monday, May 07, 2007

New Hair - Cassandra and Morrigan

I have a couple new big hairs out this week, Cassandra and Morrigan. Each made with all new textures, one straight and the other a mix of straight and curly. Both are available at my Main shop in Calico Kitty in all 80 colors!