Friday, October 23, 2009

CiC Second Annual Halloween Hunt

Where: Calico Ingmann Creations Main Shop in Calico Kitty

Starting October 24th and ending November 1st at midnight.

The halloween hair colors are back, hidden inside special pumpkins that have been hidden throughout the shop. Joining the hunt this year, a lovely friend of mine and owner of F.U.B., Talitha Blackheart. She has created some fun Halloween skins with matching make-up and hidden them around the shop as well. If you missed last years hunt, I have included all the halloween colors from the previous year and made new ones from this years halloween releases, 16 in total plus the 3 skins offered by F.U.B.

So what should you look for? Pumpkins have been scattered around the shop, but not all of them hold a prize. There is a special type you should look out for. Be on the lookout for the pumpkins that look like this.

There are 19 hidden pumpkins scattered around the shop. You will find them either inside the Main shop, or around the TP area by the train tracks. Be sure to look everywhere. Don't worry about searching the snow areas above the shop or the rest of the SIM, as I have not placed any there.

Please don't ask me or Talitha where they are, its a hunt! I won't tell anyway! ;)

Now onto the hidden goodies!

Skins by F.U.B (in 3 pumpkins)

Hair by Calico (16 pumpkins total)

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