Sunday, April 21, 2013

New Mesh Hair, Jasmine, and some shop updates.

Hey all! I know I've been absent lately due to RL, in other words I've been ill. Which is why you haven't seen much hair from me. There are some changes coming in the shop and I am starting to rebrand myself and will be dropping the Calico Ingmann Creations and just going with Calico.

The hair huds and packs have also been redone and many of the colors have been consolidated into one box. A lot of the packs have been removed as well, including the tips packs, though I have added a fades pack with some of the more popular combinations.

The huds now include a texture and tint option, but I had to remove the streaks options due to memory restraints.

New hair has been released! A new fully rigged Mesh hair named Jasmine!

- Includes a hud that allows you to retexture and tint your hair.
- This hair is a rigged mesh and will not work with the resizer. Two different fit options have been included in each pack along with alpha layers. Please try the demo before purchasing.
-All the new packs and info can be seen at the Main Shop.