Friday, June 18, 2010

New Womens Hair

Just released are four new hairstyles for the ladies. This weeks release includes a couple really cute, full pigtail styles called Nina and Sage, each are generally the same style but with two different bang options. Cynthia is a medium length hairstyle with curved bangs that hang in the face, and Monique is a fun, pulled back updo with two new curl textures that bunch at the top of the hair and cascade down the back. I have included some texture change lilies as an accessory to the Monique hair. All are scripted with the new low lag resizers scripts and can be found in my Main shop in all colors.

CiC Main Shop

Friday, June 04, 2010

Three New Womens Styles

Three new styles have just been released and this weeks is for the ladies. The first is a redo of one of my older styles, Katie, which I had recently retired from the shop. There are now two versions of this style, a long and shorter version that has been rebuilt with flexi and sculpted prims. The roses are still part of the style, but ths time I have added them as a seperate piece. Along with the Katie styles I have also released Tracy, which is a really adorable curly short style. You can find both in the main shop in all the new colors

New Releases

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Introducing a whole new line of colors! Over the last couple months I have been reworking the hair colors. All the colors from the last one are still there, some revised a little, and along with them I have added in nearly 100 more colors, including more naturals and more tips. Six new styles have been released to kick off the new line, both for the ladies and the men and a new low lag resizer script has been added to these styles. Please read for more info!

With the addition of the new colors, I have completely reworked the display. Instead of buying the set of just one color, I have consolidated the colors into a single pack. You can now buy packs that include all of the light blondes, dark browns, all the blacks and whites, ect. The light, dark and regular color packs include 10 colors per pack for 200l. Tipped colors are now a seperate pack on sale for 200L as well. They include 10 colors with 4 different tips, which is now 40 colors for 200l. In addition to these packs, I have also included a larger pack where you can buy either All Reds, All Blondes, All Browns and All Blacks. These are on sale for 600L each and include all the light, dark, medium and tip colors of each color type. The Wild, pastel and rainbow colors each have a seperate pack of their own as well for 200L each, just like before. And I still have the all colors pack, including nearly 300 colors available for 1000L. I have put out a sample color display so that you can see what each pack includes and check out all the new colors. You will find it under the new hair.

I have also added in a new feature to the hair. Each new style now has a resizer script included it in. This is a low lag resizer, it only uses one script therefor you don't need to worry as much about script limitations as there will not be over 100 running scripts in one style. The script is also deletable. Just click the hair and choose delete if you don't want it, or you can rez the hair and delete the script from the root prim. Because this script is in the hair, it will say the style is no modify. This only applies to the script, the prims of the hair are modify like always. If for some reason they are not, please contact me about it and I will be sure to check and send you one that is modify.

So with all that said, onto the new styles!

New Color Packs: