Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Halloween Release - Wraith and Wrath

The next of our early halloween releases, made in collaboration with Silent Sparrow. I've been experimenting with some new dread textures and released 3 new styles with it. Wrath I and Wrath II are for the girls, both have messy long bangs that hang over the front of the face with either your choice of a dreaded side ponytail or dreaded pigtails. The next is Wraith for the men, a slight messy, yet roguish dreadlocked style that falls to just above the shoulder, accented with a few color and texture change beads.

Each go with ~silentsparrows~ newest designs, the Wrath and Wraith suits. (her desc below)

Dark with a classic, dangerous sheen of red, the Wrath dress suite and Wraith suit celebrate the turn of the year toward the dark. Made in collaboration with Calico Ingmann Creations for Halloween, the Wrath suite is a cobweb accented dress with a skirt or optional suit tails, a capelet or a collar, and pants for boots or shoes, twelve pieces in all for a truly flexible look. The hair is a dreadlocked pigtail made to accentuate the crisp collar and cape, and comes in one or two pigtail options.

Military cuffs set off the structured elegance of the Wraith suit. Silver piping and symbols inlayed in the plush fabric enhance the line of the jacket, which descends to an elegantly billowing suit tail. Bloody cobwebs hang from the arms and back of this suit, just a hint of rosy danger to accentuate the pirate mood of the suit. It comes with fourteen pieces, including an undershirt on the jacket layer, jacket, and pants for boots and shoes.

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