Thursday, August 21, 2008

2008 Hair Fair!

Its thursday, the day before the hair fair and time to post about all the lovely new releases to go live on Friday August 22nd! As of now, all the demo's are already posted on onrez, but keep in mind you can only buy the hair itself at the hair fair until the 7th of september. After that it goes back into the shop. So enough of my blabbering, you wanna see the hair right?

I have two new gorgeous curly textures releasing for the fair, you can find them on the Vanessa and Kimberly styles. And don't worry guys, I didnt forget about you either. I have done two short male hairstyles, both a little spikey called Xander and Scott. The last is Natasha, a fun, yet wild, sorta coming out of the wilderness spikey ponytail, held up by a texture change rope and color and texture change beads! Half of the proceeds from the Natasha style will be donated to the Locks of Love Charity.

Remember, these don't go live till Friday the 22nd, but you can buy the demos now on Onrez!

.. and heres the LM to the Hair fair, this is the SIM you will find my stall in.



Shelly Borrell said...

It's interesting that I now find myself wanting the same hairstyles as avitars - Do I dare bring a picture to the hair stylist - HA. Thanks for the great information.

Brad said...

These are great, love the Scott one. Is there a good moderately short male hairstyle that is low prim for large group interaction? I am very new to the SL scene and find it lagging in large group areas. Thanks