Friday, July 11, 2008

Nex-Core Show releases

The Dolls in the Attic show is today, and you know what that means! New stuff! In fact a lot of new stuff, new styles, new colors, even new displays ;). And for the show I have 13 brand new styles for release and along with this 14 of the older styles have also been recolored. All of these will be available soon as the show starts, July 12th, 1:30pm SLT.

13 Brand New styles in 171 new colors!

Recolored Styles:
With the release of the new colors, a few of the older styles have been recolored. Each week I will recolor and revise many of the older styles, so dont fret if your favorite isn't done yet, it will be redone in the following weeks :)

New Colors!
I have taken the time to redraw all my colors, keeping them as close the the original as possible, yet making them even more vibrant than before. In addition to those, each color is now sold in a pack of 5 (Don't worry, the price is still the same!). Each pack includes the original color, plus a lighter and darker version of that color giving you more choices to find the shade that perfectly suits you. There are tips, but I have not included them like I did with previous hair. Burnt and Highlighted tips are available on one color in each pack, usually the original or middle shade (Since a dark tip on a dark color or a light tip on a light color never really worked out!) I have also made another pack of colors for additional tips, choosing colors that go well with them. These include Reddened (Light Blood tips) and Bleached (Golden tips). There are also Rainbow tips set against the new midnight and Snow textures. Even though these have more colors, I am selling them all for the same price of 200L and the all colors pack (171 colors) is 2000L

I've included a picture with all the new colors listed and there is a sample display at the front of the store for you to try them on. Some names may have changed so please try on the colors to make sure its exactly what you want! There are 171 colors in total.

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