Friday, May 16, 2008

New womens hair - Epona

Been a busy week, so I only got around to doing one release this time and this one goes out to the ladies. Its called Epona, and its a short, sweet and curly flexi style with four roses nestled in the hair on either side. The roses are color and texture change. Just click the hair to get a menu. It also has colors to match Silentsparrows newest Daymare and Nightmare sets! The hair is available at my main shop, Calico Ingmann Creations, in all 22 colors with tips.

And for my next announcement!

The Designers in Seclusion Relay for Life team is proud to announce the Prom!

What? You hate the Prom? No problem! There's a Prom Crashers Party, too!

Dates and times: Saturday, June 14th from 3pm to 7pm SLT
Sunday, June 15th from 5pm to 9pm SLT.

Location: Skin City (99, 105, 586)

There will be live music, fabulous DJ'ing, dancing, and more encompassing four islands.

Scheduled to perform on Saturday night are Maximillion Kleene and srv4u Conacher. Scheduled for Sunday night are Jano Runo and Dann Numbers. Mixing it all together both nights will be Gwen Carillon. The music will be broadcast across the four regions.

Each night there will also be a very special, one-of-a-kind auction for the Prom King & Queen crowns and the Prom Crashers Party King & Queen crowns! The crowns will go to the highest bidder, and all bids will be paid directly to Relay for Life.

It wouldn't be a Prom without the pictures! Photos will be taken for a small donation, and yearbooks will be made available after the Prom.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Tigerlily Koi, Haedon Quine, or any other member of the Designers in Seclusion Relay for Life Team!

Get your tickets here:

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