Thursday, April 19, 2007

New Shop, New Hair, New Colors @ Calico Kitty!

It took a while, but its done! The Calico Kitty SIM is now up and running!

There are 11 new mens and womens styles available and most of the old hair has been updated to the new colors previewed at the Hair fair. All color packs have been reduced to 2000 and each individual color now comes with a pack of four for 200, including the original hair color and 3 colored tips. Anything that hasn't been recolored is now half off. Many will be eventually retired and others will be redone in my new flexi style in the future!

Also, while I had double checked many of the styles. I always seem to miss something. So if you find hair that doesn't have all the colors or has a price wrong. IM me so I can get it fixed! :)

You can find it here: Kitty /124/20/26/

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