Monday, January 08, 2007

For the cosplayers out there... Fran!

When I first saw the design for this character, I thought, I had to make that hair. My first attempts a few months back were less than satisfactory. So last night, I decided to try it once more and I must admit I was rather happy with the results. Now... if only I could find the right skin and outfit to complete it ;)

This newest style is for the ladies and based on the Final Fantasy character Fran. Its a very long, pulled back style with a shorter front that frames the face. Its all flexi, of course, and the hair has a bit of curl to it. The band on the hair is also colorable. Available in all colors with demos.

You can find this at my main store, Calico Creations, in Furness, also in Simone! and Darkrose.

Shown in Ivory, outfit by Simone! (Shanna in Pink)

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